A delicate watercolor whose nuances seem to rest softly, one on top of the other, to bring home a soft and soothing landscape as the sunset line interspersed with a few trees at the bottom, while the smell of the chimneys, of the countryside on an ordinary day, of burned wood.

All the wallpapers of “iNSTUDIO the wall” are original, the results of our creativity and children of our passion.
A wall enriched with our artistic subjects changes the appearance of an entire environment, creating emotions in line with the personality of those who choose them.
We make atmospheres to underline the sobriety or the elegance of your spaces or to exalt their originality.
Our repertoire is constantly evolving and each project can be customized from proportions and chromatic point of view so it can adapt perfectly to your environment and your aesthetic tastes.

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Watercolor world


Relaxing, light, blow, whiffle


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