People enjoing travel will especially love this wallpaper: a new earth map interpretation representing  the entire world map. It’s a design subject especially recommended for offices or studios. A little bit of  vintage taste makes easy to set this wallpaper also in others spaces domestic or not .

All iNSTUDIO the wall’s design wallpapers are genuine, projects are made by our creativity and passion. The wall enriched by our artworks change the whole space mood and can give to this one your character, your personality. Our pieces will breathe life into charmless scene or enphasize minimal essence.
Our repertory is constantly evolving and every single project can be custom-made to get the perfect match your spaces and your taste, according with colours and room design. Our idea grows and improve itself with you.

In the store locator section you can find your nearest dealer who will give you all the informations you may require.


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